There are few skills that will bring more opportunity into your life than the ability to speak well in public. Below are tips that can make the difference between those speakers who leave a powerful, positive impression and those that are quickly forgotten.
Speak with intent to move people to action
Know what you want your audience to do immediately after hearing your speech. If nobody does anything different than they would have done before you spoke – the value of your speech is zero.
Structure your material in three sections
Grabber, middle, close. Know your material. Get really interested in the topic. Find good stories.
Know the audience
Try to speak to one or two people in the audience as they arrive – they will be your allies in the audience – it is easier to speak to friends than to strangers.
Begin with a well prepared grabber. A relevant personal story is a great start. It establishes your credibility. It connects you to the audience and creates the right emotional atmosphere (and calms your nerves).
Look like the content matters to you – if the audience don’t feel that it is important to you, it will be really hard for them to feel that it should be important for them.
—Source: Forbes