Flute is as old as time itself. It is possibly one among the first 5 musical instruments that humans learned to carve out of a hollowed reed, cut the niches, and blow into one end to create music. There is something called Flutelore: Folktales, myths, and other stories of magical flute power.
Hindu god Lord Krishna is depicted with a flute to his lips playing a magical tune to attract the attention of his lady love – Radha.

The Pied Piper of Hamelin could play a magical tune with his flute. In the story, he cast a spell on thousands of rats to send them to their doom in a river near the town named Hamelin. But when, as per contract, the mayor of Hamelin refused to pay his due, he played another uncanny tune to cast another spell on the children of the town. He played on and the children, like possessed by some spirit, followed him out of the town and disappeared beyond the horizon forever.
Well, in real life, we only appreciate the sweet tunes played on a flute and love to listen to it. And thankfully, the spell lasts only for some minutes.
Bengal is known for its bamboo variety and the flutes made from them. Flutes come in different sizes to serve the purpose.

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