BP Report

Sales of national flags have perked up in the capital and elsewhere across the country ahead of the ‘Victory Day’.

National flags of various sizes are seen all around — fluttering on cars, buses, rickshaws, bikes, roofs of residences and even perched on office desks. The flags are seen in hands of children and worn as head badges.
As the nation rises up to celebrate the anniversary of victory on December 16, many people who do other works throughout the year also come and join the brisk business of selling the national flags and make some quick bucks.

People are selling national flags at the makeshift shops in the capital.
There is a big craze going among the city dwellers to buy one or more national flags to display them in a variety of ways. At some city places, it becomes a sort of competition about which building or mahalla (locality) flies the maximum number of flags, like it happens during the World Cup soccer or cricket tournament.
Visiting different places in the capital, this correspondent found that a good numbers of flag sellers were doing brisk business in different intersections of the city. The city’s many makeshift shops and flag sellers are now busy selling national flags and festoons.