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Three different love stories have been stringed together by Director Anjan Dutta for his upcoming film ‘Finally Bhalobasha’ whose trailer has been just released.
In the first story a wife of a rich man is in search of freedom; the couple has been portrayed by Raima Sen and Arindam Shil. Arindam is an abusive husband where as his assistant is Arjun Chakraborty who wants to save Raima from her hell.
The second story is set in Darjeeling where an acting enthusiast in his deathbed looks for a friend. The patient’s role is played by Anirban Bhattacharya and it is shown that his dream to be an actor remains unfulfilled due to his sickness. Suprabhat Das plays another equally interesting character.
In the third story, a girl is lost in the big city of Kolkata while looking for love. She has a troubled family background and her character is portrayed by Shouraseni Maitra. Anjan Dutta also plays a special role in this story.
This film is dedicated to those whose love stories are different and somewhat unacceptable by the society. There will be many twists and turns for which the audience has to be patient till the release of ‘Finally Bhalobasha’. All the best to the cast and crew!