Staff Correspondent
Moushumi and Ferdous’s latest movie ‘Postmaster 71’ is all set to be released today. The film is produced by Impress Telefilms and is jointly directed by Abir Khan and Rashed Shamim Sam.
Besides Moushumi and Ferdous, Shahidul Alam Sachchu, Amit Hasan, Sanjid Khan Prince and many others have acted together in the film. The film will be released today at Jamuna Blockbuster and at Bashundhara Star Cineplex. And on the same day the movie’s world TV premier will be broadcasted on Channel-i at 03:05pm.
This film centers on the life of a postmaster during the Liberation War of Bangladesh. The film is set in 1971, where Arif, the postmaster inspires others from his village to fight for our country. But by the meantime, Rajakar Gulzar got the news and he along with his army attacks the postmaster. The story has its twists on whether the postmaster will be able to complete his mission or not.
The story is not only about the Liberation War, but also about a sweet romance.