Entertainment Desk
After the conclusion of the 11th parliamentary election, Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (FDC) is now gearing up for the election of Bangladesh Film Directors’ Association. On 25 January, the second Film Directors’ Association election is going to be held. All the interested candidates have already started buying the nomination papers.
Several candidates have been seeing visiting the FDC regularly. The candidates are campaign in front of the FDC canteen and Directors’ Association. In addition to the campaigning candidates, voters are also present in the rallies.
One director was heard saying, “I will vote for that person who will get the most respect till the day before the election.”
This time around, candidates will be representing two separate panels. One of them being the Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar-Badiul Alam Khokon panel and the other being Badal Khondaker-Bazlur Rashid Chowdhury panel. According to several sources it is being heard that for the post of general secretary, director Safi Uddin Safi is going to take part in the election as an independent candidate.
After being victorious in the previous election, the panel of Gulzar-Khokon has been office from 2017-2018. After the submission of the candidates list on January 10, we will be able to knowwhich candidate will be contesting for which post in this year’s election.
A general meeting will be held on 18January with all the directors of the association. In this year’s election, 361 directors will be casting their votes. The winners will take charge of the Film Director’s Association for the year 2019-2020 after the election on 25 January.