Art and Glamour Desk

Whether you have decided to start hitting the gym or take language classes, this is a good time to try new things. Apply the same spirit of experimentation to your wardrobe with trends guaranteed to top the sartorial charts through summer, brought to you by the arbiter of trends herself, fashion retail director of Net-a-Porter, Lisa Aiken.
The future is feminine
Unleash your inner girly-girl and don the prettiest floral dress you own. As Aiken suggests, “This trend is about being unashamedly pretty. Sweet, yet not saccharine.” Designers are serving up some seriously sweet pieces, whether it is the classic summer frock with exaggerated ruffles or Victorian dresses in sugary shades.
Rainbow connection
Crayola brights are about to take over your Instagram feed. Designers are sending models down runways in near-fluorescent dresses that are meant to be paired with slick black or white accessories. “It has almost become a trophy look that shows your styling capability,” Aiken says.
Throwback everyday
The vintage vibes continue in full force this summer. We are talking ’80s and ’90s silhouettes like high-waisted jeans, puffed sleeves, polka dot blouses and chain jewellery.
Power suiting
According to Aiken, suits have become the single biggest trend of the coming season. “Maybe it is because men’s wardrobes change more slowly than women’s so we feel like it’s more investment-worthy and that there’s a sense of longevity there.”
In the nude
For every action, there’s a reaction. So naturally with the explosion of maximalism comes the rise of those who favour the back-to-basics approach. Easy, breezy cotton and linen fabrics in natural tones are washing over the fashion scene. It’s no surprise given the popularity of woven basket bags of last summer, and it’s become clear that the muted, relaxed trend is here to stay.
Double duty
Layering has always been seen as a skill of sorts, mastered by anyone who is anyone in fashion. But designers are giving everyone else a shortcut with already spliced and diced pieces put together into patchwork dresses and separates. “Think of it as the un-dressy dress, designed to be worn with boots or sneakers,” Aiken says.
It is all about accessories
Accessories this season are less add-ons and more key pieces that tie an outfit together. The main players stealing the show are vintage, kitten slingback heels, super-sharp pumps and sculptural heels when it comes to cool kicks of now. In terms of arm candy, you’ll find them in the form of oversized totes, belt bags and the good ol’ satchel bags.