Bangladesh is an agriculture-based country. The farmers of remote areas cultivate their land using a lumber, yoke and bamboo ladders made by a piece of iron foil and wood carpenter made of blacksmith.
They also use to products for harvesting. For use of the products and the cattle, the agricultural land and environment are protected. On the other hand, the cost of farmers is also saved.
In addition to the plow, yoke and bamboo ladders, the two important things that the farmers of the time cultivate are very important – Gomai and Punti (Thun).
During the cultivation of crops in the palm or grasses, the cow should not be able to eat any food, it would have been tied in the mouths of jute, rattan, bamboo wicker or a pearling tree made from clay trees.
Punti is used for cultivation of plow. It is not a very long day, about 25 years ago, these cows could be seen on the land of Langal-Yoala and Moi village. Many of the farmers of the Hal farm also cultivate the land in their fields and also earn some money as a reward for cultivating the land of others.
They were able to cultivate the land by singing Bhaiyya songs of Dinajpur region with happiness and joy in the fun of sometimes thousands of activities.
They used to cultivate plow in the field from early morning till about noon. Before the farmers brought the plow into the ground, they used to eat light water with chira-molasses or muti-murchi.
Afterwards, on the ‘hut hut dayne ja baye ja bose bose ar uth uth’, when the fatigue comes, then the sun gets over the head. At this time, the farmers used to sit on the land of the land after hatching cultivation for breakfast.
Their breakfast style was also traditional. Raw or chilly pepper with a dish Pantara, pure oil of sun and potato bhava.

MA Salam, Dinajpur