Promila Kanya
Considered as a legend in the field of Bangla literature, Humayun Ahmed’s unique stories have been enchanting readers for years. Known as “the magician of words”, Humayun Ahmed had the ability to pull readers deep into the plot. Often his characters are so mesmerizing that you wish to become Himu, the vagabond with mystical powers who can heal others of their corrupt hearts, you wish to become Misir Ali, a genius psychologist who also takes interest in the paranormal world. Listed below are some of the best stories of Humayun Ahmed that are deep embedded in the hearts and minds of his fans:

Nandito Narakey
A young Humayun Ahmed in his 20s had written this story which reflected his own middle-class struggles and the good times and the bad times that bind a family together. The simple yet brilliantly written story of a mentally challenged girl and how her entire family’s life revolves around her would make a reader emotional.

Shankhanil Karagar
‘Shankhanil Karagar’ is yet another story by Humayun Ahmed which reflected the struggles of a middle-class family. In spite of the ups and downs, the family members stay together and stay strong. The intricate details of human emotions have made this novel one of a kind.

Aguner Parashmoni
The Bangladesh Liberation war of 1971 was won through many sacrifices and many families were torn apart. The story of ‘Aguner Parashmoni’ is able to give readers a glimpse of the sorrow and sufferings of our people during the war. The story goes around a young girl whose world turns upside down when she falls in love with a wounded freedom fighter.

‘Moyurakkhi’ is the name of a fictitious river created by Himu, its water runs clear and deep and if one sits at the bank, the river will take away his pain but not only a few can close their eyes and dream of it. This novel is a must read for Humayun lovers everywhere.

The titular character ‘Nabani’ is a young newly-wed girl whose about to go through the joys of motherhood but an unexpected turn of events almost destroys her. Humayun Ahmed’s magic of writing is seen through the use of poetic words and language in this story.

Ami E Misir Ali
Misir Ali is a genius psychologist and a university teacher who has a keen interest in the world of abnormalities. To really know Humayun Ahmed, readers have to know Misir Ali as well.

‘Debi’ is a thriller by Humayun Ahmed and even the most daring readers will have a shiver down their spines while reading it.