Rajshahi Medical College Hospital (RMCH), the largest hospital in the north-western region of the country, is now serving poor and middle income patients through conducting complicated operations.

The Orthopedic department, Burn and Plastic surgery unit, Laparoscopy unit, Nephrology unit, Cardiology department and the department of Neurology are serving these types of patients who needed to go abroad earlier.

The left ankle of motor-bike rider of Susanta of Manda upazila was broken and fractured in an accident. Flesh and muscle of heel and over the bridge on the ankle was also removed and disrupted. Susanta was admitted in a critical condition at RMCH and operated upon at the Orthopedics department.

Aftermath of the operation, he was required to undergo some complicated operations to fix the disrupted flesh and skin. Many of his friends and relatives advised him to get admitted in a hospital in Dhaka or go to India for the operation. But Susanta preferred the operation at Burn and Plastic Surgery unit of RMCH.  Dr. Afroza Naznin Asha conducted two operations within one month. Susanta is now recovering fast and can walk slowly.

Not only Susanta but also hundreds of poor patients of Orthopedic ward are now being recovered completely from the caring treatment and operations by the physicians and staff of the hospital.

RMCH is not only providing superior quality treatment for the patients but also it stood first in case of maintaining cleanliness among all public hospital in Rajshahi, according to a survey conducted by the ministry of health in July this year.

In the Surgery ward of the hospital, Akbar Ali of Gurudaspur of Natore was admitted with the problem of Colon cancer. Dr. Ariful Alam Sujon operated the complicated operation through Laparoscopic surgery. The patient has been recovered from the disease after the operation.

Dr. Ariful Alam Sujon said the operation was a complicated one and such operation at RMCH was the first of its kind.

Mozammel Hoque, Assistant Professor of Surgery ward, said many complicated operations of stomach are now being conducted through Laparoscopy at RMCH. As a result, patients are getting chance to get treatment and complicated operations at a low cost.

Meanwhile, many complicated operations including fixing ring inside the artery to remove blood clotting and block are being conducted at Cardiology department of RMCH.

Nishith Kumar Majumder, Assistant Professor of the department of Cardiology, said that earlier they would refer the patients with complexity to Dhaka but now patients at the ward are getting treatment at the hospital and they are returning home with smile after becoming well.

However, though the quality of services of the hospital has been increased, almost all departments of the hospital are suffering from acute shortage of adequate number of physicians, nurses and staff.

Doctors and nurses of the hospital said that although the hospital holds 1,000 beds, the number of doctors, nurses and staff has not been increased as services of the hospital often face debacle due to the same problem.

Brigadier General Jamilur Rahman, Director of RMCH, claimed that the quality of service at the hospital has been increased. The hospital has stood first in case of maintaining cleanliness including keeping the toilets, wards and surrounding areas clean and tidy. Further steps are being taken to further increase the facilities of the hospital including conducting complicated operations of various complex diseases, he added.

Sarker Shariful Islam, Rajshahi