The country’s earnings from export rose by nearly 6 percent to reach $36.66 billion during the July-Jun period of the outgoing 2017-2018 fiscal, according to an Export Promotion Bureau data released on Wednesday.

Bangladesh maintains the growth momentum largely on the back of garments, jute, jute goods, agricultural products, furniture, home textile and building materials.

In June alone, export receipts stood at $3.03 billion, 3.08 percent less than the corresponding period in the last fiscal. The monthly target, however, decreased by 18.87 percent.

Garments, which account for more than 83 percent of the total exports, logged in $30.61 billion in the last fiscal year, 8.76 percent more than the 2016-2017 fiscal.

Knitwear exports went up 10.40 percent year-on-year to $15.19 billion in July-Jun while shipment of woven garments raised 7.18 percent to $15.42 billion.

Home textiles brought in $878.68 million, growing 9.95 percent year-on-year.

Exports of leather and leather goods, the second largest export earning sector after garments, dropped 12.03 percent year-on-year to $1.08 billion in the period. The segment dealt with a blow by a decline in leather shipment which shed 21.28 percent. Within the same category, exports of leather footwear grew 5.33 percent and leather products fell 27.48 percent.

Export of cotton & cotton increased 14.03 percent year-on-year to $124.85 million from the same period a year ago.

Export of jute and jute goods, another top earner, jumped 6.56 percent to $1.03 billion. In the category, jute yarn and twine saw their earnings rise 6.55 percent while shipment of raw jute decreased 7.24 percent and those of jute sacks and bags declined 3.69 percent.

Export of frozen fish, live fish and shrimp decreased 3.42 percent to $508.43 million in the July-Jun of 2017-18.

Export of building materials increased 233.90 percent to $1.97 million in the July-June period.

Pharmaceuticals raked in $103.46 million in the July-June period, up 16.03 percent from the last fiscal.

Furniture shipment grew 20.27 percent to $63.18 million.

Agricultural products fetched $673.70 million, up 21.79 percent over the last fiscal, according to EPB data.

Spices export increased 22.80 percent to $42.92 million.

Vegetable exports decreased 3.76 percent to $77.98 million while tobacco exports increased 20.96 percent to $56.39 million in the July-Jun period.

The government expects to bring in more than $60 billion from exports by 2021.

Garment manufacturers say apparel shipments should grow 12-15 percent a year to hit the $50 billion export target by 2021.

Saifur Rahman