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Ahammad Parvej Khan
Leaders of different professional trends expect a constructive and combined effort by the newly-formed cabinet towards achieving the ultimate success in developing a modern and economically solvent country.
They opined that recovering the lost glory of the financial sector, ensuring good governance and accountability would be the biggest challenge for the new cabinet.
Executive Director of Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), Dr Mostafizur Rahman said, upholding the demands of the people of the state and especially the demand of the economy very greedlessly should be the objectives of the new leaders.
“We hope that the new leadership would lay their highest level of effort to this end and will bring success for the nation,” Dr. Mostafiz hoped.
Political analyst and Professor of Dhaka University, Dr. Mejbah Kamal feared that problems could be created in terms of continuation of experience in running the vital ministries.
He said, continuation of the development flow is vital, in that case, experience is also a factor, but it is also true that new cabinet members will adapt to their jobs with the passage of time.
“The Prime Minister has a wide reputation as promoter of women empowerment, but we see in the new cabinet, there are only four women members including herself. So I think women’s participation could be more at the policy-making level,” he added
Former BGMEA President Atiqul Islam hoped that the new generation will find a new Bangladesh built by the new members of the cabinet.
“What we could not even think about once, is now being materialized, possible because of the hard efforts and maintenance of system and discipline. Sequence or continuation is a big factor for development.
Senior journalist and President of the Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ), Manjurul Ahsan Bulbul said, if the newly-appointed ministers and state ministers can discharge their responsibilities effectively and successfully, the decision of the Prime Minister will be appreciated.
“But if they fail or become corrupt, the Prime Minister will be frustrated, people of the country will be frustrated and ultimately the government will be stigmatized,” Bulbul added.
Professional leaders say, the Prime Minister’s decision in choosing youth leadership at the helm of different ministries definitely focuses on the farsightedness of the Prime Minister.
They said, today’s expert cabinet members were also once amateurs, and learnt many things by working with their respective portfolios. Similarly, there are many new faces in the cabinet who will gather expertise by working extensively in their own fields.