Mizanur Rahman
What is your current project?
I am currently busy with my studies. Besides, I am working in an advertisement for Banglalink. I have also worked in a web-series of 10 episodes which will be aired within a few days, though I have completed the shooting before Eid.
How did you start your journey in acting?
Honestly speaking, I have never imagined that I would be an actor. I wanted to do many things. Ultimately I got into acting. (He smiled)
Back in 2011, one of my friends offered me to be in an advertisement. I have never seen a shooting before. Then I gave an audition but somehow I did not do that advertisement. In 2012, I finally appeared in an advertisement. My journey with Banglalink began from 2015.
How did your come to be in ‘Gohin Baluchor’?
In 2016, director Badrul Anam Soud sent me a message via Facebook. We met and talked about an audition for one of his characters. After appearing for an audition I was selected. We spent a long time, doing workshops for three months. Finally, we started shooting in December 2016.
How challenging was it to work in the character of Shujon?
Every character is a challenge if it is taken as the same. From that point of view, I have to break myself for the character. For example, I have never worn a lungi before. Whenever we wear costumes, it has to be comfortable and it is also a matter whether we are used to wearing it. If you have never worn the dress of a King, it will make you feel a little bit strange and uneasy if you wear it for the first time. As I have never worn lungi before, I have taken little time getting used to it. People would make me wear lungi on the set. Another challenge was the look test. The biggest challenge for me was riding a boat.
Share your experience of working with two heroines in your first film.
I met Neela (Neelanjona Neela) before. We worked in a TV commercial of Banglalink. I became acquainted with Moon (Jannatun Nur Moon) while doing the film. They are good friends of mine.
Experience with seniors
They were very helpful, especially Suborna madam (Suborna Mustafa). I was actually scared of Suborna ma’am at the beginning, but I also really love her. I rarely see a caring person like her.
TV drama
For Eid-ul-Fitr this year, I worked in a special TV drama ‘Kichhu Dukkho Sobar Thake’ directed by Sihab Sahin. Sabila Noor was my co-artist. The response of this drama was very good. After that, I worked in ‘Jekotha Hoyni Bola’ directed by Rubel Hasan in the last Eid-ul-Adha. Co-artist was Sobnom Faria. Basically, I have just started acting in TV dramas.
‘Chini Diben Kintu Ghutben Na’, what was the response of this famous Banglalink commercial?
One day I was walking in a park of Shyamoli. Suddenly a tea seller in the park greeted me. Then he offered me a cup of tea. When I went to give him money, he refused to take it. He said he often uses my dialogue ‘Chini Diben Kintu Ghutben Na’ while selling tea, that’s why he will not take money from me. I felt really honoured.

The writer is working with Bangladesh Post