The high-profile European Union (EU) Parliament delegation on a visit to Bangladesh to get a first-hand idea of the pre-poll environment here said that the next general election will be free, fair and credible. Rupert Mathews, chief of European Parliament made the remark at a press conference in the capital on Sunday.
In reply to a question, Rupert Mathews, a conservative member of the EU parliament from the United Kingdom, said they found a favourable atmosphere for holding the 11th parliamentary election was prevailing in Bangladesh. They visited a lot of places and talked to a wide range of people from different classes and professions, including government officials, politicians and mass people and were fairly convinced that the upcoming polling would be free and fair. The delegation leader said, “We had been wrongly informed about the democracy of Bangladesh. That wrong idea has now been dispelled. In fact, Bangladesh is a good example of democracy.” Another member of the delegation said, “This visit has removed those misconceptions as we have found the country is really amazing.”
In the end they commented that they found no reasons to send election observers to monitor the polls.
This may be mentioned that the EU usually sends observers to a country where there are possibilities of violence, vote rigging and election engineering. But Bangladesh has proved that it is fully capable of holding fair and credible elections. The delegation members hoped that a large number of people will turn out in the coming election.
It was interesting to note the delegation’s comments that they learned a great deal about Bangladesh, its political situations and other aspects including trade, investment, social development, women empowerment and minorities. It is good to know that they were impressed by the extent of development Bangladesh has made in various sectors in the recent years.
A lot of negative messages are being sent to foreign countries and heads of governments by some vested quarters, mostly to undermine the present government. But such attempts never become successful when truths come out ultimately.