Zinat Sanu Swagata, Misuh Sabbir and Shajal Noor on the set of the teledrama

Shooting of several Bengali teledramas had taken place outside the country in the past. Recently actors Shajal Noor and Zinat Sanu Swagata have paired and shot a few sequences of the teledrama ‘Eto Din Por Kotha Thekay’ in Bali, Indonesia. Swagata is very excited to shoot a drama outside of Bangladesh after a long time. The actor has shared lots of pictures of the drama’s shooting and her escapades in the city on Facebook.
Citing her experiences in Bali Swagata said, “It is very hard to shoot outside the country but on the other hand, it is also fun. In Bangladesh we all go our separate ways after we wrap up shooting. Here it’s different. Amidst shooting, friends have the opportunity for some terrific sight-seeing. I enjoy hanging out with friends.
She further added, “In Bali, the teledrama is being directed by Shokal Ahmed and Rumana Rumi. The story of the drama is different from other dramas. My co-stars include Shajal Noor and Mishu Sabbir. We had a lot of fun while shooting. Other than this, I am also involved in several other teledramas.”
According to sources, the crew of ‘Eto Din Por Kotha Thekay’ is supposed to return to Dhaka on Friday. Shajal Noor and Zinat Sanu Swagata have previously worked in several teledramas together gaining lot of praise from the audience.

Staff Correspondent