Although most mothers long for a natural childbirth, when there are complications in labor, doctors have to conduct a caesarian section to save the mother and the baby. This operation is not a replacement for natural birth but many unscrupulous doctors in Bangladesh still use it to earn more money. There are many after effects of c-section surgery, such as hemorrhage and infection, if it was used in cases where the baby could have been born naturally.
It’s not only the mother who may suffer from an unwanted C-section, babies can also suffer from breathing complications so these doctors knowingly put multiple lives at risk for their own gain. Continued C-sections might even bar the mother from having future pregnancies. There are exceptions when the parents want the operation but most of the time, C-sections are an easy way for the hospitals to earn money.
According to Save the Children Bangladesh, in 2016, C-sections cost parents a staggering USD 315 million and 70 percent of these surgeries were “medically unnecessary”. 80 percent of all births at private hospitals were C-section deliveries. On the other hand, in rural Bangladesh, 284,160 mothers suffered due to lack of C-section facilities. Why this stark disparity? It may be because in the cities, the families can afford medical care more which the hospitals take advantage of while in the villages, healthcare facilities are poor and trained personnel are few in number.
To reduce this problem, experts suggest that certified midwives should be assigned before and during labor so that unnecessary operations can be avoided. Rural healthcare facilities should also be equipped with more delivery rooms and trained personnel. Moreover, authorities concerned should keep track of the number of C-sections in each hospital and clinic and take due action when it exceeds the WHO standard rate of 14-15 percent per year.