It is saddening to note that we yet have not been able to provide our teachers a ‘good life’ which not only requires dignity but also requires adequate salary and higher employment benefits. Reportedly, the government had given second class gazette status to the assistant teachers of government secondary schools on May 15, 2012 and following change in status, dignity of assistant teachers enhanced, but living standard remained the same. We are sad to learn that some 2,650 teachers of government secondary schools across the country have been passing days in miseries and financial crisis as they are not getting employment benefits in accordance with their changed status for last six years.
What is more annoying is that the teachers are wandering from door to door at the Ministry of Education and the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) for the last few years, but all in wane. Though DSHE website discloses the list of the teachers deserving timescale and selection grade benefits, the teachers still do not get them. Such a crisis indeed exposes the loopholes within the concerning system. Hence, it is high time for the authorities concerned to intervene in this regard. As per rule, assistant teachers are to avail of selection grade benefits for the first time after four years of service since job entry, for the second time after eight years and then the third time scale after 12 years of service. But the above mentioned teachers who joined before 2006 have not been given any of the two benefits.
Teachers are the most respected persons in our society and they must get fair treatment and appreciation for their noble profession. The role of teachers in nation building cannot be measured in the salary. As teachers are human being, they have to meet their living cost with the money that they receive as their salary. Over the last years the prices of commodities has seen a drastic rise, consequently life has become more costly. Hence, the increased salary that they are supposed to get can reduce the hardship they are going through over the years. Nothing is more saddening to see teachers struggling to get the money that they deserve. We strongly express our dissatisfaction over the ill-treatment of this noble profession. We expect authorities concerned including the ministry of Education will put forth their effort to resolve all the complexities regarding time scale and selection grade in order to provide the employment benefits that that teachers deserve.