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Employees of Glaxo SmithKline (GSK) Bangladesh, one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, on Tuesday protested the process of shutting down the company’s production in the country.
In a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club, the employees under the banner of GlaxoSmithKline Employee’s Union alleged that a vested group has been conspiring to tuck up the business of the British pharmaceuticals giant from Bangladesh. Md Azam, general secretary of the union said, following the recent meeting of the company’s directors, the process of shutting it down through decrea-sing production and marketing has started. “Although the employees are receiving salaries and other benefits, the company had been decreasing its production after Eid-ul-Fitr, and completely stopped production from July 22,” he said, adding that no raw materials were also bought after the month of June.
“We are suspecting that the authority will come up with an official declaration to shut down the company on July 26,” he further said.
He claimed that the company has earned revenue of around Tk one crore from 2013 to 2017 and the government also earned profit being 18 percent of its stakeholder.
Advocate Alhajj Sarker, the advisor of the employee’s union, urged for the government’s concerned ministry to intervene in the issue so that the company cannot tuck up its business from the country leaving hundreds of workers jobless. In the press conference, president of the union Md Ilias, Vice-president Kamal Uddin, Vice-general-secretary Md Ibrahim and Organising Secretary Md Saiful Islam, among others, were also present.