Staff Correspondent
The fantasy movie ‘Akash Mahal’ has recently concluded it’s shooting at Pubail. The movie is directed by Delwar Hossain Jhantu. Emon and Airin Sultana have acted in the movie. Actor Emon thinks that this movie would be liked by people of all ages.
He said, “When I was suggest about the movie, I was very eager to work in the film. Firstly the movie is being directed by Delwar Hossain Jhantu sir. Secondly, I liked the plot of the story. I have worked in both small and big budget movies. Action, romance, syfy you name it, I have done it all. This is however the first time I am working in a fantasy movie. In my childhood, I had the opportunity to see a lot of fantasy films but unfortunately you don’t have movies like that being produced these days.”
On the question of the movies success, Emon said, “Besides the general audience, this movie would also be liked by children. I have never had the opportunity to work on children’s film. These days a lot of movies in our country are just remakes of South Indian movies. Not only the plot, but also the making of movies is also like the movies from outside Bangladesh. The making and the plot of this movie is of our country thus I believe it would be able to attract the audience.”
The director Delwar Hossain Jhantu stated, “I believe that the audiences are always up for something new. Keeping that in mind, I have decided to direct this film. We are done with the shooting and have begun editing of the movie. I want to thank my team for the effort they have put in the making of this film. We started the shooting of the film from 9 am in the morning. Other than a lunch break, we kept on shooting till 10 pm at night. For this reason we were able to wrap up our work so soon.”