Ending all speculations, the country is finally going to witness participatory general elections on 23 December this year. The time to elect their own representatives to sit in Parliament and run the country comes every five years as per the country’s constitution and no one wants to miss this opportunity.
Free and fair election is a democratic process that is of utmost importance to uphold democracy in a country. And to be able to cast one’s vote without hindrance or influence is the birth right of a citizen. Bangladesh is a democratic country and its Constitution ensures transfer of power through holding credible and participatory elections.
Since the end of autocratic and military regimes and advent of democratic politics in the ‘90s, national elections have determined which party would come to power for the next 5 years and run the country.
The term of Awami League-led 14 party alliance, elected in 2008, is coming to an end, hence the countrymen are preparing to cast their votes once again to elect a new government to power for 5 years.
In a bid to invite all the other political parties to take part in the upcoming elections, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, in response to the request letters of some senior politicians, sat in a series of dialogues at Ganobhaban to discuss various pertinent issues concerning elections. We believe the exercise provided her with the opportunity to have an insight into their minds. It set a good example in a democratic system.
So, finally the schedule for holding the polls has been declared by the Chief Election Commissioner on Thursday last, paving the way for all political parties to intensify their campaign throughout the country. It is understood that after declaration of the names of candidates campaign would find momentum until the day before the date of holding the elections.
We hope all political parties and alliances will take part with great fervour and elect a new government to take the country towards further prosperity in the next five years.