Former Somerset Chairman Andy Nash, who resigned from the ECB Board earlier this year citing “unacceptable” failures of corporate governance, has called on the ECB to stop their implementation of The Hundred, renegotiate the 2020-2024 broadcasting deal and back the three current domestic competitions to avoid a potentially “huge financial crisis in the sport”, reports Cricbuzz.
“That simply is an inaccurate representation of what happened,” he tells Cricbuzz. “The basis on which the tournament was to be progressed into a greater level of detail is simply not what we are looking at today.
“It’s not T20 [as thought then], it’s a new format. The finances which were rightly an important part of any new competition because of the over 200 million pounds aggregate debt which exists in English cricket, bear no relation at all to what was envisaged. What people are now looking at is now very, very different to what was envisaged. The counties had categorically never been asked to approve the Hundred. I’m sure they will have to be asked to approve it.”
“Several of the counties are now saying they are being bribed with their own money,” Nash says.
“The broadcasters would, I’m sure, take a very different view of the media deal to follow the one that starts in 2020 and that would precipitate a huge financial crisis in
the sport.
If the risks are too great, as I am sure they are, then they’d be better off cancelling the Hundred, reinvesting funds behind first-class cricket and the Blast. T20 is working globally, it’s now working here.