Saleh Noman
The Election Commission (EC) has begun the display of Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) for the voters of Chattogram-9 (Kotwali-Panchlaish), one of the six constituencies of the country where EVMs will be used in the December 30 polls.
The EC on Saturday displayed the EVMs at Ward Councilor office at Enayet Bazaar from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and Railway School under constituency.
The EVMs will be displayed at important places in the constituency and trail of voting will be arranged in phases, said EC officials. After watching EVMs, many said that EVMs are easy for the voters who are educated but the system will be difficult for elderly men less-educated people.
Chattogram-9 parliamentary constituency consists of 14 wards of Chattogram city.
There are 3, 91,612 voters in constituency. Their votes will be cast through EVMs in 920 booths of 144 polling centers.
Some elderly and less-educated voters said that they need help from others to vote in EVMs.
“It is easy and it will take less time to vote. I think it will be possible to vote more in less time. But it may not be easy for low educated voters,” 55-year old Gita Rudra, a community leader, said after watching the EVMs at Enayet Bazar.
Qamrul Alam, Election Officer of Kotwali of Chattogram, said each EVM will have the information of the fixed voters. Prior to voting, polling agents will be ensured about the activities of EVMs. If there is a fault in the machine, additional EVMs will be kept for reinstatement, he added. He also said that the voters will press the button next to the candidate in ballot unit kept in the secret chamber first, then press the confirm button on the bottom of the Ballot Unit to apply the vote. With the permission of polling officers, a disable voter can enter the secret chamber with helper to vote, said the official.
“The Data Machine, Monitor and Ballot Unit, together with all the three devices, is the whole EVM. After verification of voter information in the Data Machine, the information will be displayed on the monitor.
After verifying the information, Polling Agents and Polling Officers, the Assistant Presiding Officer will release the electronic ballot for the voter,” he said.
“With the permission of polling officers, a disable voter can enter the secret chamber with a helper to vote, Qamrul added.The EVMs will be in in Dhaka-6 and 13, Chattogram- 9, Rangpur-3, Khulna-2, and
Satkhira -2..