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Anwar Hossain
People, especially those living in capital Dhaka, can now rely on online food service as e-commerce opens a new door to home catering.
On the basis of online demand, food made at home is being delivered to the consumer’s doorsteps. In the meantime, this new business has created jobs for thousands of people.
According to e-commerce statistics, the food business is also the most popular business in Dhaka city, having 25 percent growth, with more than 8,000 facebook pages and counting, now boosting home catering through F-commerce and E-Commerce business.
As the business is continuously rising, nowadays e-Commerce delivery ratio approximately is 20,000 per day and 5-6 lakh parcels each month are delivered all over the country. The business growth ratio is more than 50 percent.
A statistics showed that three regions of the country are 80 percent active with E-commerce traffic where over 35 percent of the total comes from the capital city Dhaka.
Many people in the busy city life are struggling to cook at home. Besides, many people are not interested in cooking due to lack of experience. This opportunity is increasing the prospect of online catering business. Nowadays, lots of homemade food is being sold only through facebook in the country.
A good number of housewives and students are selling their homemade food through different websites, mobile apps and social media marketing. Most of the consumers are satisfied with the quality of these foods.
According to the Home Chef Bangladesh (the first web page- based home catering service in the country), there have been thousands of job opportunities created in the last one year. Apart from this site, there are more than six webpages and 300 facebook pages on providing homemade food in the capital.
Based on the statistics, from 40 to 300 orders come every day. Subscribers are increasing every month.
E-Cab director (International Affairs) Razib Ahmed told Bangladesh Post, ‘it’s a big opportunity to work with food (among five basic needs) using online platform. There are more than 30 lakh people working in the capital in different positions. If we can continue our support, this will be a big sector in the coming days.
It is to be noted, by 2020, there will be 18.3 million internet subscribers in Bangladesh. Boston Consulting Group and Telenor demonstrate, 32 percent of the total volume of the country’s families will have at least one internet connection which will create a great impact on online purchase, and e-commerce along with economic contribution.