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Of late, there have been huge opportunities in utilizing the wide access to the e-commerce platform in small and medium businesses. It has widened the scope for access to the international market, direct participation in the international price process, the development of the internal market system and increasing efficiency, including low-cost transactions. As a result, a room for greater employment opportunities is open in the development of industries, export development and increasing use of IT.
That the government’s commitment to build a Digital Bangladesh is not merely a slogan can be perceived by observing the increasing use of information technology (IT) in various fields of national life. IT is now a global trend and Bangladesh cannot be out of it whatsoever. Bangladesh could have fallen behind in the current trend of global progress had the government not acknowledged the development of this sector as one of the national priorities. As a result of the government initiative, it has been possible to bring the remote areas of the country under the network of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Union Digital Centres have been set up in the union parishads throughout Bangladesh. As a result, the marginalized sections of the population have found it possible to engage in all types of IT services, including mobile banking, which is why a favourable environment for business, trade, services and other economic activities has expanded. Opportunities have increased for new business enterprises and entrepreneurs and for rural people as well to participate in economic activities.
To exploit the full potential of the IT sector, the government has formulated a digital commerce policy where certain conditions have been imposed on foreign companies to operate digital commerce in Bangladesh. To prioritise domestic companies, it has been ensured that foreign companies need to take a domestic partner to do digital business here with the proviso that partnership of a foreign company cannot exceed 49 percent. Throughout the world, various regulatory measures are taken to prevent the monopoly of large companies based on internet and to ensure a healthy competition in the market. Apart from that, each country has the priorities of developing its domestic sector, so foreign investment is not unrestricted and free in any country. IT sector has opened up vast opportunities for Bangladesh. And it pleases all when the government takes effective measures for the optimum use of the sector’s potential.