Ehsanul Haque Jasim
All the MPhil and PhD related activities of the country’s leading educational institution Dhaka University is being administered from a 200-square feet room. Atmosphere of the office room is sure to remind one of the ‘Gono Room’, meaning ‘mass room’, of the dormitories of DU.
A total of nine officials and employees, including two deputy registrars, have to share the small office room to perform all the duties related to the university’s MPhil and PhD research.
Although the 200 sq-ft Room No. 323 of Administrative Building of the university is supposed to accommodate only one or two tables, it has five designated tables for five officials, while more four others who also work here have no chairs or tables.
Alongside the officials, the researchers have to face the bitter experience every day. The room has only four chairs allotted for visitors as well as the researchers. If the four other employees sit on those chairs, the visitors get no chance to sit, and vice versa.
All the files and folders of MPhil and PhD researchers and the section are stacked on the floor for lack
of space.
The research related work is administrated from the mass room.
During a recent visit at the room, this correspondent found that a 50-year old college teacher, who is also a PhD researcher of the university, came to the campus from a remote area for research purpose. He seemed very tired, but he could not sit in the room during his stay as the university authorities have failed to provide adequate accommodation facilities. There was no chair for the educationist to sit on.
All the time the college teacher passed inside the room he could not sit for a moment. “Although he is an educated and respected person, we could not offer him a chair to sit on. What can we do?” said an official frustratingly to this correspondent.
Commenting that MPhil and PhD section is most important part of the university, he said, “It is difficult to concentrate on work from such a small room. Besides, we cannot even show proper respect to the researchers for the accommodation crisis.”
When asked, Prof. Dr. Nasreen Ahmad, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic) of the university, on Monday said that she would comment on the issue later.