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Mahadi Hasan Badhon
Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has enhanced its waste management capability by adding better equipment and different types of new waste-carrying vehicles.
The new pieces of equipment costing Tk. 37.75 crore include two bulldozers, four dump trucks, one tire-dozer, three hydraulic schopters and two payloaders. The equipment have already been pressed into service, thus enhancing the efficiency of the DSCC waste management system.
Superintending engineer of waste management department of DSCC, Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin told Bangladesh Post on Thursday, 80 percent, previously 66 percent, of the total waste of DSCC areas is now collected and dumped by DSCC waste management authorities.
DSCC collects an average of 2,200 to 2,400 tons of waste per day, which rises to 2700 to 2800 tons per day, at certain times of the year, said Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin.
A statistics of 2016 showed that the DSCC collected and dumped 1,800 to 1,900 tons of waste per day, 66 to 70 percent of the total waste.
DSCC has also taken up a mega project titled ‘Expansion of Matuail Sanitary Landfill Project’ at the cost of Tk. 724.48 crore to acquire land and ameliorate the total waste management system.
Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin also the project director told Bangladesh Post, the DSCC has now acquired 81.09 acres of land from which 50 acres will be used for sanitary landfill and 31.09 acres for generating energy from waste, including a waste burning area. The land acquisition process is set to be completed within a few months.

The basic requirements of a sanitary landfill has barely been met in Matuail. However, as the landfill is set to reach capacity in a year or so, attention has shifted to expansion of the landfill site.
The area used for dumping waste now; will totally fill up within June next year, said Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin.
Besides, in July last year, the DSCC also introduced a mobile application to improve its waste management system through strict monitoring of officials and workers. Cleaners, supervisors and the complete waste management system are monitored through the application to ensure that no one can neglect duties.
Besides, DSCC is also trying to manage electronic waste (E-waste) in a scientific way.
AHM Abdullah Harun, Executive Engineer of DSCC, told Bangladesh Post, “Although currently DSCC has no initiative to work on e-waste, we spoke with a Japanese e-waste management company ‘Re-team Corporation’ to manage this type of waste scientifically. But the initiative has not seen any result due to cost.”