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Dhaka South City Corporation has bought 56 modern, heavy vehicles, aiming to enhance its waste management capability.
The vehicles have been bought under a project, jointly financed by the Bangladesh and Japan governments.
Under the project, a workshop training center will also be constructed in the DSCC area to repair vehicles, deployed to manage DSCC waste. The vehicles will be pressed into service within one month, sources said.
According to sources, once the vehicles are engaged in waste management, there will be no vehicle problem for three years.
The vehicles have been bought to deal with the problem of rapidly increasing waste in the capital, keeping pace with waste management, and facing further needs.
Besides, the move is in order to meet the demand for new vehicles vis a vis the lost utility of 20 to 30 year-old dilapidated vehicles, DSCC sources confirmed to Bangladesh Post.
The vehicles include 22 compactors, 24 container carriers and 10 dump trucks. Attachment of those vehicles with waste management, will obtain a new dimension in collection and transportation of waste.
However, the vehicles brought to Dhaka last April, have not yet been added to waste management.
The DSCC waste management department said, “Initially, the vehicles have been examined on their suitability to operate. At the same time, the drivers will be imparted training on the modern vehicles.”
With the general manager of the transportation department as head, a committee has also been formed to select the drivers, sources added.
Besides, training to operate the vehicles and work in the workshop, provided by JICA is in progress.
In addition, with the secretary of DSCC as head for demands of five regions, a committee has also been formed to determine how many vehicles would be needed for which region.
Moreover, those vehicles will be included in waste management within one month, according to sources.
An official, reluctant to reveal his name said, “Although, vehicles were brought about four months ago, they have not been given for use mysteriously.”
DSCC sources said, “ waste management department has more than 300 vehicles. From them, some vehicles are dilapidated, some are also 25 to 30 years old and some 80 vehicles have lost their worthiness, but are still being used after repairs.
DSCC has also enhanced the capability of waste management.
Superintending engineer of waste management department of DSCC, Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin told Bangladesh Post on Thursday, 80 percent of the total waste in DSCC areas is now collected and dumped by DSCC waste management authorities.
DSCC collects an average of 2,200 to 2,400 tons of waste per day, which at times rises to 2700 to 2800 tons per day, said Abu Saleh Md. Main Uddin.
According to a statistics of 2016, the DSCC collected and dumped 1,800 to 1,900 tons of waste per day, or 66 to 70 percent of total waste.

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