MA Salam, Dinajpur
Considering the bright prospect the fruit offers if cultivated commercially, the authorities of Setabganj Sugar Mill in Dinajpur are cultivating around 40 thousand dragon fruit trees on 15 acres land, eying bright prospect.
The mill authorities, being inspired by Chairman of Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries Corporation (BSFIC) AKM Delwar Hossain, are cultivating the fruits at one of its farmland Kanta Farm, situated at number-5 Sundarpur union under Kaharol upazila in the district.
Md Khalek Mia, assistant manager of Kanta farm, said we are cultivating the fruit being inspired by BSFIC chairman Delwar Hossain. The initiative is being implemented under the supervision of Setabganj Sugar Miulls Ltd managing director Shamsuzzaman.“Dragon fruit is very tasty and costly. The fruit is sold at Tk 500-600 per kg while each fruit weighs 300-500 grams. The tree starts bearing fruit one year after sowing on vase. The older the tree gets the more fruit it bears,” he said, adding meeting the local demand dragon fruit can be exported also with an aim to earn foreign currencies.
Mentionable, dragon fruit, also called pitaya, is one of nature’s most unique plants, with a flower like an explosion of flame and a fruit like a pink rosebud. The fruit is actually one of several cactus species and has a succulent stem that provides a uniquely delicious fruit with moisture in the arid climates where it typically grows.
“Kanta farm has a total of 1321 acres of land. On 591 acres of land, sugar cane is being cultivated in the farm like every year,” said the assistant manager of the farm which is operated with a number of four officers and one office assistant only. Although around 70 to 80 labourers are recruited on contractual basis when needed.