BP Special
Dr. Kamal Hossain is known for his mysterious role in 1969, 1970 and 1971 when Bengalees were raising slogans against the Pakistani rule and dying on the streets on a daily basis. We have not seen him on the side of Bangabandhu when he was addressing the mammoth gathering at Ramna Race Course on 7th March. But, he was seen with some top level Pakistani military officers, including General Shahibzada Yakub Khan in a Sylhet tea garden rest house only weeks before the military crackdown on unarmed Bengalees on 25 March.
After 25 March, 1971, instead of joining other Awami League leaders in their journey towards India for shelter, he mysteriously managed to go to Pakistan with his family where he lived the whole of nine months of our War of Liberation. Then, mysteriously again, he found his way to the airplane that carried him to London. Understandably, he briefed Bangabandhu on the situation in Bangladesh even though he did not have any first hand knowledge of what happened here during the past nine months. It is obvious he knew whatever the Pakistani intelligence had fed him. Bangabandhu trusted him and he took full advantage of it. That he never worked against Pakistan before or after 1971 is quite evident from the fact that he did not press in the Simla Pact for the trial of the Pakistani prisoners of war (POW) in an international court.
Mysteriously, Dr. Kamal Hossain managed a job in a foreign agency and left Bangladesh about two months before the assassination of Bangabandhu. Did he know something? Did he have any information of the tragedy about to strike the nation? After the 15 August tragedy, he raised no voice against the assassins or Khandker Mustaque or the quislings who joined his government. He contacted no Awami League leaders in London to organise rallies against the murderers and their supporters. He wrote no article in any foreign newspaper on the works of Bangabandhu.
Dr Kamal Hossain exerted undue influence on Sheikh Hasina when she came back to Bangladesh and became the president of Awami League. It was easy for him to do that as Sheikh Hasina was younger and less mature as a politician. Besides, Awami League was fraught with internal problems that needed clever handling to keep it from splitting into many factions. When she could see through his designs to damage Awami League, she took steps to contain him. At one stage he could understand that he should leave Awami League and after that never came back.
In the past years when his son-in-law David Bergman started to question the legality of the special tribunal that was staging the trial of the war criminals, Dr. Kamal Hossain did not stop him.
Recently, as he realises that his political career has almost come to an end, he gathered some leftovers from Jamaat, BNP and other anti-Awami League parties and formed Gono Forum. And now, in a bid to jeopardize the forward march of Awami League in the forthcoming election in December, he formed Jatiya Oikyafront and started his old game of politics of conspiracy. He is good at it and on the basis of his past experience proceeding towards creating all sorts of crisis surrounding the election. The most interesting part is, Dr. Kamal Hossain is not taking part in the election from Oikyafront! And no one knows why.
Dr. Kamal Hossain is out to take revenge on Awami League and Sheikh Hasina and thus playing his last role to bring Tarique Zia, Khaleda Zia and some Jamaat leaders to power. He will do everything possible to stop AL from coming to power. He has started a campaign against the present CEC for his removal.