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In a bid to reduce the risk of disaster, the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is going to complete its action plan by December.
DNCC Panel Mayor Mohammad Jamal Mostafa said this to reporters on October 28 after the completion of a three-day-long workshop titled ‘Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan’ at Nagar Bhaban, Gulshan in the capital.
The panel mayor said, “Disasters in our city are emerging in a different way at different times. So, we need to prepare for disaster relief. This workshop will undoubtedly play an important role in reducing the risk of disaster.”
We have discussed various issues with experts in this regard and we will complete finalising our plans by December this year, he added.
About the progress of the workshop, Project Director of DNCC’s Urban Resilience project, Tariq Bin Yousuf, highlighted different issues at the beginning of the program.
“Each city should have its own action plan to reduce the risk of disaster. DNCC will fix the action plan to reduce disaster risk according to the Sendai Framework of United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)” said Tariq Bin Yousuf.
“Appropriate action plans are being prepared under the 10 Essentials of the Sendai Framework. We have already completed our five ‘Essentials’ out of 10 work plans at the workshop held on 25 to 28 October. The remaining 5 ‘Essentials’ work will be completed within December 2018”, he said.
He cited some notable aspects of the action plan, which are: ‘Mock drill’ exercises by DNCC; Preparation of all action plans with importance in reducing the risk of disaster risk in new 18 wards; To provide emergency services to the service providers during emergency times and to increase infrastructural capacity for disaster prevention; Preparation of disaster risk database for disaster forecasting.
UNISDR is providing technical support to the DNCC in formulating an action plan to reduce disaster risk according to the Sendai Framework.
“During the program, various media journalists, DNCC Public Relations Officer ASM Mamun and UNISDR’s Making Cities Resilient Campaign Focal Point for AsiaTejas Patnaik were present among others.