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Mahadi Hasan Badhon
Based on priorities, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) is implementing various projects taken up by late Mayor Annisul Huq to make the capital livable.
“We are implementing the projects taken up by our late mayor. Besides, implementation of some projects is at the final stage,” DNCC Panel Mayor Mohammad Jamal Mostofa told Bangladesh Post on Friday.
On November 30 in 2017, mayor Annisul Huq died at a hospital in London.
Replying to a query about the Tejgaon Truck stand area that now remains illegally occupied with trucks and covered vans, he said they are going free the area soon. “It will take some time to complete all the projects taken up by our late mayor,” Jamal Mostofa said, adding the DNCC faced some difficulties after his (Annisul Huq) death, the officials and employees as well as its ward councilors are trying to complete the ongoing projects.
Annisul Huq had identified various problems faced by city people and had taken initiatives to resolve them at any cost. And his initiatives were highly appreciated by all city people. But after his death, these projects are being implemented at a snail’s pace.
The major projects taken up by Annisul Huq include plying of 4000 new modern passenger buses in the city streets, bringing all the bus owners under one umbrella, rooftop gardening, removing Tejgaon truck stand, construction of 11 U-loops from Mohakhali to Gazipur crossing, zero-slope footpaths for the visually-impaired people and 100 modern public toilets, bringing the whole north city under CCTV coverage and setting up LED streetlights, beatification of both sides of New Airport Road from Kakoli Crossing to Airport Crossing.
Besides, Green Dhaka’, a project to make Dhaka a green city within three years and construction of about 100 public toilets in the city had also been initiated by the late Mayor.
When this correspondent visited the city’s Tejgaon-Satrasta truck stand, he found most of the places occupied by trucks and covered vans.
On September 30, this correspondent also contacted Panel Mayor Jamal Mostofa about the illegal trucks occupying Tejgoan and Saat Rasta intersection. At the time, panel mayor ensured that within two days, the illegal trucks will be evicted from the area. As per his announcement, on October 2, no illegal parking was found. Two days after eviction, illegal trucks occupied the road again.
About the projects taken up by Annisul Huq, another DNCC panel mayor-3 Aleya Sarwer Daisy told Bangladesh Post, “I saw Annisul Huq’s initiative from very close and his absence is irreplaceable. When I see many trees planted on road dividers during his time, dead now, I feel really shocked.”
Present condition of projects:
Annisul Huq took the initiative to plant five lakh trees to make green Dhaka. But this project is not implemented now as there is no allocation for the project.
DNCC sources said, “We have not enough space to build more public toilets. So, we have considered constructing public toilet in parks, markets and under foot over-bridges.
In order to bring discipline in Dhaka city’s public transport, Annisul Huq took the initiative to ply 4000 new buses in the capital. To implement this project, a committee has been formed led by Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Sayeed Khokon. Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (DTCA) will implement this project, DSCC sources said.
In order to reduce the traffic congestion, Annisul Huq took the initiative to build 11 U-turns from Saat Rasta to Uttara. About the progress of this project, DNCC executive engineer Khondoker Mahbub Alam, also the project director told Bangladesh Post, “We had some problems about land acquisition with Bangladesh Railway and other government organizations. But we have recently solved it. Our construction work is going on in Rajlokkhi, near Uttara Rab-1 office and Kaola area. The project will be implemented by June 2019.”
Annisul Huq took the initiative to set up LED lights in DNCC area. This year ECNEC has approved a project in this regard.
Besides, DNCC recovered 52 acres of illegally occupied land in Gabtoli area. DNCC had a plan to build a factory, bus and truck depot, waste management project, academic building as well as other infrastructure in this area. Now, some of this area has been re-occupied due to not starting of the project work.