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Habibullah Mizan
A fresh dispute among the anti-Awami League political alliance members has taken a serious turn over the sudden emergence of Tarique Zia in the election process.
Oikyafront leaders strongly feel Tarique’s involvement in election process is a violation of alliance obligation because they had made it clear before that the steering wheel of Oikyafront will be in the hands of the alliance leaders, especially Dr. Kamal Hossain. And BNP will be working as a member of the alliance but because of their mighty presence the position of Dr. Kamal Hossain has been sidelined.
During the formation of the Oikyafront, BNP leaders assured Dr Kamal Hossain to keep Tarique Zia out of the scene. But when the interview of the prospective candidates started, Tarique Zia himself emerged as the main decision maker, dominating the whole process. One source said that Tarique Zia did not like Dr. Kamal Hossain’s move to bring in the 1/11 active players in the alliance.
All senior leaders including BNP secretary general Mirza Fakrul Islam Alamgir were seen seating idle in the nomination board.
Dr Kamal became very frustrated at the re-emergence of Tarique Zia, who is locally and internationally famous for his notorious activities including patronizing terrors, militants and corrupts.
He (Dr Kamal) communicated with the BNP secretary general and expressed his serious dissatisfactions over the issue of domination by Tarique himself. He claimed it is a clear violation of the deal through which Oikyafront was formed.
Mirza Fakrul Islam informed that he also became helpless at Tareque Zia’s presence. Getting such responds from Mirza Fakrul Islam, Dr Kamal distanced himself from the process. Earlier, Dr Kamal wanted to finalize all nominations from the meeting of the Oikafront. Oikyafront was supposed to decide how many seats will be allocated to the partners of the 20-party alliance. But Tarique Rahman is making the supreme decision all alone.
According to the sources, Dr Kamal told Fakrul Islam Alamgir to let him quit from the Oikyafront if Tareque continues to dominate all decisions, especially nomination.
On Monday, ten former army officials joined Gonoforum leaders. Even at the function, Dr Kamal was not seen. This is a clear indication that he is going back to the pavilion in protest of Tarique Zia’s dominating role
According to the Gonoforum leaders, Tarique Zia robbed the leadership of Oikyafront in the darkness of night. Making everyone completely surprised, Tarique Zia emerged as the main leader of Oikyafront replacing Dr Kamal Hossain. However, everything was different just three days ago. After the announcement by Oikyafront about participating in the election with the sheaf of paddy symbol, the whole scenario began to change. Tarique appeared in the scene ignoring warning from Dr Kamal Hossain. He managed at least two Oikyafront leaders, especially Mahmudur Rahman Manna. After Tarique Zia’s leadership role was established, BNP announced in the meeting of Oikyafront that Tarique would finalize the nomination. No partner of Oikyafront other than Ganoforum protested this. BNP sources said that India and the US had an objection against Tarique. Dr. Kamal Hossain was brought in the front line to hide Tarique and his friends’ past records from 2001 to 2006. Dr. Kamal is just a showcase to show all that the dynasty of Begum Zia and Tarique Zia is over.

Despite Dr Kamal’s warning to leave Oikyafront, Tareque continued joining the interview of BNP`s nomination aspirants through video conferencing from London on Tuesday. Before talking to the nomination aspirants, he talked to the party senior leaders. At one stage, he asked Mirza Fakrul Islam why BNP workers do not believe him. According to the meeting sources, the party second in command became very embarrassed However, he did not say anything in response.
BNP sources said disputes between Tarique Zia and Mirza Fakrul Islam also dramatically increased after Tarique Zia started joining the interview of nomination seekers of BNP. BNP leaders have been instructed to send list of nomination seekers to London so that Tarique can finalize the nomination from there.
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