Farmers of Chirirbandar in Dinajpur can finally feel relief given that advanced harvest of Aman rice grain is now ready to cut.

They are now busy carrying rice from the fields to their granaries. Aman rice cutting and threshing in the area has started from the beginning of this month.

According to agricultural office sources of the upazila, the target of rice cultivation was fixed at 23,275 hectares of land, but instead 23,310 hectares has been achieved which is significantly more than last year’s target.

However, this time due to the massive use of the perching system, the hope of a good yield of transplanted Aman paddy is expected by the Agriculture Department. However in the upazila, local farmers began cultivating the aman rice in advance, before the end of the Bengali Ashwin month.

The fields which have higher altitude and are ideal for growing early varieties of potato, are where farmers of the area are busy harvesting Aman rice. The housewives are meanwhile busy constructing the earthen courtyards of houses and yards of the area.

Arif Hossain of Satnala village of the upazila said, “We have now cultivated Bina-7 rice in 2 bighas of land. Because the weather is good, there is 20-22 lbs of rice per bigha. Besides, rice prices are also high. At this point, if I sell rice, I will get Tk 7 to 8 thousand per bigha profit after paying all my expenses.”

Upazila Agriculture Officer Mohammad Mahmudul Hassan said that planting rice at the correct time has resulted in farmers reaching the current bumper harvest compared to last year. Now Aman rice cultivation has increased in Chirirbandar. This season will be very good because the weather is favourable.

MA Salam, Dinajpur