Staff Correspondent
FaruqFaisel, Regional Director, ARTICLE 19 Bangladesh and South Asia has said “Not only women are being victimized on Digital space, but the males are also being bullied.” Sharing example, he said “In the recent election, we have seen how Hero Alam has been bullied by using various tools of technology media.”
He said, “We shouldn’t be afraid of technology, rather we need to learn its functional and practical aspects.
It is never possible to empower women without knowing the use of technology.”
He said these while talking at a workshop as chief guest titled “Technology Mediated Violence Against Women” organised by Article 19 Bangladesh and South Asia at BRAC Center in the capital on Sunday.
He said, “Digital literacy can protect women journalists from negative issues such as online bullying. Because if they know how to use digital tools, they can easily protect themselves. So, everyone has to be careful when use technology tools.
At the ceremony, 28 women journalists were present from different districts of the country. They said they are being attacked ID hacking, indecent in-boxing, tolling of women’s dress-up, etc.
The workshop was also attended by Senior Consultant of Article 19, Rubayet Mollika Rahman, Programme Officer’s Morium Shelly, Shaznawaz and Moha­mmad Fakhruddin Bhuiyan a­mong, Farzana Ahmed Chowd­hury, Aysha Akter Afri others.