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In a civilized world, it is not machineguns but dialogues that can help solve many problems. Sitting across the table political leaders can debate on the contentious issues and offer many options to select from. But in the war-fields once bullets are fired and rockets are launched, no option will work. If one opts for violence it will produce more violence and bloodshed.
Once atom bombs were released from the planes over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, all options for negotiations had vaporized instantly. Atom bombs annihilated two cities of Japan. Wars only lead to massive scale destruction of human life and property.
But dialogues can do wonders. If we take the example of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un dialogue last year we can see that the tension that was brewing dangerously between USA and North Korea got diffused to a great extent. Following the dialogue, North Korea stopped firing missiles over South Korea and also stopped the exchange of a series of verbal tirade against the US. Similarly, President Trump put a stop to his caustic harangue. If they had not sat in the meeting, tension might have escalated and some powerful nations in the neighborhood of the South China sea might have been drawn to a full scale war by now.
In our country, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set the example of inviting all political parties, including those that made repeated attempts to kill her in the past, to dialogues before the national election, offering the floor to place their arguments. All political parties had accepted the offer and sat with her at Ganabhaban to discuss important issues concerning the election. The incident has been praised by all quarters at home and abroad as the right democratic step taken by the PM.
Now that the election is over and the PM has formed her government once again for the 11th Parliament, she has once again felt the necessity of sitting across the table with all the political parties, not only to exchange greetings, but to seek their advice if they have any. It is a gesture that needs to be praised as a unique example. Already Dr. Kamal Hossain, chief of Jatiya Oikyafront has welcomed the decision and expressed his interest in joining the meeting if invited. Many other political leaders are also expected to respond positively to her invitation and hopefully the nation will witness another commendable meeting in the coming days.
This may be said that holding of dialogues in an amiable environment is the best democratic practice in a parliamentary form of government. All political parties get the opportunity to voice their points and arguments which the ruling party leader (s) will note down and then try to address them one by one after consultation with other team members.
The face to face exchange of ideas and suggestions helps remove many misunderstandings and misconceptions from the minds of the attending politicians. Dialogues also make it possible for the PM to explain things in their true perspective.
We look forward to a fruitful dialogue between the prime minister and political leaders of various parties on important national issues.