For lovers of books and the literary world in general, the Dhaka Literature Fest 2018 began yesterday with day long events suitable for every age and background. Since its beginning in 2011, other than slight change to its name, the event content and guest lists have only become more enriched. World famous authors and media personalities have graced the fest and enchanted the audience with their stories and performances. After Ekushey Book Fair, the Dhaka Lit Fest has become another significant literary event which is a mélange of our global culture.
Bengali literature and language has evolved tremendously over the decades and we have always been proud of our heritage which is modern and respectful to the past at the same time. The festival ensures that from ancient to modern, authors around the world are given equal importance. Eminent authors such as V S Naipaul, Vikram Seth, Syed Shamsul Haque, Joy Goswami, Hasan Azizul Huq, Selina Hossain have been guests at the Lit Fest.
The event slots are extremely unique and they cover a wide array of topics, ranging from fiction, non-fiction, philosophy to drama, politics and religion. Books and journals also regularly get published at the festival and their unveiling ceremonies are sought out by the readers.
Here’s wishing that Dhaka Lit Fest DLF continues in the years ahead and retains its valuable audience.