Here is an “uptown” taste in the FW18 women’s denim. Silhouettes are clean, fabrics are flat and simple and indigo hues prevail. If the slim and skinny stretch jeans still have room on the rails, the non-stretch baggy and super wide fits take also the lead in women’s as the next must-have. No woman wants to cut off comfort but at the same time women look for some femininity. The slim, skinny and straight silhouettes have a higher rise and are less tight for more comfort. They remain classy and casual at the same time. They truly capture the “less is more” essence. However, these fits mingle a bit with the riffraff with different waistband executions, exposed trims and a mix of washes.
In this swanky vibe, defiance comes in the name of wide fits. The bigger, the better. They cover a wide array of looks, from the classy to the tomboyish baggy and the unclassified ones. No disturbance on the washes. They are clean. The fabrics have no stretch. The focus is on the volume.
Some labels add drama with panelling, hip volume, pockets or bleached wash. These extreme illustrations imply anything is now possible on a wide silhouette. The classy baggy, tomboy, panels are so in fashion.
Shirts and jackets follow the wide and reconstruction paths. Wash mix and substantial proportions revamp these staple products. Wide is the next big thing reconstructing the denim offer/products with a brand-new creative language. —Denim Bangladesh