Nazmul Likhon
Shomi Kaiser, daughter of martyred intellectual Shahidullah Kaiser has said, the demands of the families of martyred intellectuals and freedom fighters have almost been fulfilled. “As a daughter of a martyred intellectual I think our demands have almost been fulfilled under the rule of the Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government. Those who did not want to see an independent Bangladesh had plotted various conspiracies at home and abroad to thwart the justice of war criminals. But at last the war criminals were tried and hanged,” Shomi Kaiser, also a noted actress, told Bangladesh Post.
She said, those who did not want the freedom of the country did not believe in the liberation war of Bangladesh, they tried their best to foil the trial of war criminals.

“There were even several conspiracies and pressure from international community, but despite everything Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, with her strongest determination convicted the war criminals, this will be history in Bangla,” Shomi added.

Besides this, it was unimaginable that the trial of influential people like Kader Mollah and Salauddin Kader Chowdhury would be completed in the country.

We think, that though late, it’s a milestone in our country’s context that trial of war criminals was finally completed. The 40-year history of Bangladesh has tried to be clasped at different times, it was not too easy to complete the trial bringing that truth in front of all of us.

To do this, there were many threats and challenges, and something more is going to happen in the days ahead. War criminals, especially Chowdhury Mainuddin and others living abroad now, have be brought back and tried, Shomi believed.

About the government’s success in war criminal trial she said, for the last 10-year achievement of the present government, we are able to make the young generation understand who is a war criminal, and this is not from any retaliation, but rather for justice, to re-establish the history of the country- the trial has been transparent.

In reply to another question she said, the martyred intellectuals have not yet received freedom fighter recognition. It was needed. I think we have come so far and we have opportunities to work in future on those subjects.

The present government is conscious about freedom fighters and war criminals; I think the government should be more careful in this regard. My opinion is the government will complete this too.