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The demand for LED and smart televisions is witnessing remarkable growth in the country with increased purchasing capacity of the consumers side by side the affordability of this sophisticated electronics products.

Besides, high standard world-class quality of the electronics and electrical appliances produced by local manufacturers has created much hype among the people of the country as a result those are now dominating over the imported items, market analysts opined.

They said a number of local manufacturers including Marcel is experiencing growing demand for LED and smart televisions and so country emerging brands are grabbing increased share in the country’s television market.

Nasima Akhter, principal officer of Marcel, said, they are manufacturing world-class LED and smart televisions with advanced machineries and technologies. They are using latest technology’s panels and ultra-narrow bezel in televisions, she said adding, new models of smart televisions with the latest operating system ‘Android 7’ has been released in the local market. In addition, engineers of Marcel Televisions’ Research and Development (RnD) department brought diversity in the televisions’ designs.

As a result, sales of Marcel televisions jumped by about 25 percent during the period of January to November of 2018 from the sales in the corresponding period of last year.

Marcel is now offering 6-month replacement warranty on its televisions. In addition, two-year warranty for panel and spare parts as well as free after-sales services for five years are offered on the local brand’s televisions.

At its own factory in Chandra of Gazipur, Marcel is manufacturing more than 40 models of televisions of 19, 20, 24, 28, 32, 39, 43, 49 and 55-inch. Of which, three models of 32-inch and four models of 24-inch were newly released.

The local brand also released some new models of 32, 39 and 43-inch Smart TV with latest operating system ‘Android 7’. Each of these new models is featured with 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.

Marcel TV engineers said, Marcel Smart TV has a built-in E-share app that allows users to share TV display with mobile phone and vice-versa. The users can manage the device operation by Smartphone through opening key remote, touch remote, mouse or air mouse remote option from the E-share app, installed on handsets.