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The Delta Plan-2100 is the greatest gift from the present generation to the future ones, speakers said at a seminar on Wednesday.
They also said the country could boost the GDP growth by further 1.5 percent by 2030 through proper and timely implementation of this mega plan.
The seminar was held at the National Press Club with ruling Awami League’s Industries Commerce Affairs Secretary Abdus Sattar in the chair. AL subcommittee on industries and commerce affairs organised the discussion.
Speakers opined that the government would need to raise $37 billion by 2030 for the implementation of the much-talked-about Delta Plan in its three phases.
The short-term plan is scheduled to be implemented by 2030, a mid-term plan by 2050, and a long-term plan is targeted to be implemented by 2100.
They said Delta Plan is the longest-term plan which is very much time-befitting and relevant to the visions of the government of Sheikh Hasina.
Professor Dr Shahadat Hossain Siddiqui presented the keynote paper in the seminar while Office Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League Dr Abdus Sobhan Golap was present among others.
Speakers opined that the plan will require some adjustments in different phases of its implementation process and the government will have to do all that for ensuring proper implementation of it.
He said the Delta Plan is a vision. We will follow it and also hope that the government, whoever comes to power in future will also follow this because it is all about the development of the grassroots people of the country.
Speakers also said the plan highlighted six hotspots like coastal areas; Barind tract and drought-prone region; haor (backswamp) and flash flood-prone areas; Chittagong Hill Tracts region; riverine regions and estuaries; and the urban areas.