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Today in 1971, Indian Prime Minister Srimati Indira Gandhi gave recognition to Bangladesh and declared war against Pakistan.
After the first attack on Dhaka and Chittagong on December 3, 1971, our Bangladesh Air Force base was shifted from Dimapur of Nagaland to an Indian airport named Kailashar located near Shamshernagar airport in Bangladesh.

Then our ‘Kilo Flights’ assignment was to attack Pakistani convoy, bunkers and confine them in various strategically important areas and give support to ‘Mitro Bahini’ and ‘Mukti Bahini’ so that they could bypass the positions of Pakistani occupation forces and move towards Dhaka very fast.

On December 6, 1971, we started our operations accordingly. India and Bhutan gave us the recognition on this day.

A Bengali General Manager of Pakistan International Airlines based in Frankfurt was very close to two CIA’s officers there. Through them he got information that Pakistan was getting military supplies of modern arms and ammunition through Iran and they would be loading those arms and ammunition on a train at Quetta station.

This message was immediately passed to Indian High Commission in London. Indian headquarters was notified accordingly. Subsequently, Indian Air Force came into action and bombed Quetta railway station and destroyed all the supplies of ammunition. On this Muslim, Arab countries and Pak allies could sense and realise that the fate of Pakistan had already been decided and they didn’t have any choice but to put their hands off.