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Directorate of Disaster Management and Relief (DDMR) implemented huge development projects under social safety net programme of the present government during the last 9 years in the district, reports BSS.
DDMR sources said during the period the directorate repaired 5,395 kilometers of rural roads side by side conducting earth filling at 2,990 religious, educational and socio-cultural organisations in all the 13 upazilas and 10 pourasabhas of the district.
The DDMR spent Taka 62 core and 62 thousand metric tonnes of rice for implementation of the projects.
Over 5 lakh poor and landless people derived benefits from the development project.
Besides, the directorate constructed and repaired 8245 kilometers of rural roads and conducted earth fillings at 31326 religious, educational and social service oriented clubs by spending Taka 105 crore under test relief (TR) programme during the period.
The sources said 12 lakh poor people received benefits from the projects.
The directorate spent Taka 134 crore and 89 lakh for constructing bridges and culverts in the district during the period.
Besides, over 4 lakh and 35 thousand poor day laborers got employment opportunities under the employment generation programme for the poor.