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Raj Kiron Das
With the beginning of winter, the farmers of Rajshahi district are busy collecting date palm juice for production of date molasses.
Puthia upazila is a prominent area of this district for date molasses production. Date molasses have already flooded markets of this upazila in order to supply different parts of the country including the capital city, as every year.
During a recent visit, date trees in large numbers were found in Bansewar, Belpukur, Valukgachi and Jholmolia areas of the upazila. About 7, 20,000 date trees have been planted next to roads, railways, free land and in homesteads of the upazila.
Uzzal Hossain, a molasses businessman of Dholat area of the upazila said he has leased some date trees this year. He now has a total of 80 date trees and has been collecting juice from those trees to prepare molasses.
He has sold molasses in the local market. “Even wholesalers come here for buying date molasses
from different areas. Per kg molasses is being sold at Tk 55 to 80,” he said. He added that he expects better profit this year than in previous years.
Obaidul and Abdul Momin, two other date molasses businessmen of same area said that they
have also been collecting date
juice and then preparing date molasses. Puthia’s molasses is
well known across the country, they said.
Upazila agriculture officer Monjure Mowla told The Bangladesh Post that if the farmers oversee their date trees properly, they will make extra profit.