Md. Sarowar Hazary, Brahmanbaria
Cultivation of Malta and orange on commercial basis has gained popularity among the farmers in Brahmanbaria as they are getting excellent production and good profit.
Commercial cultivation of the citrus fruits has begun in Bijayanagar of the district. This year, the two fruits are expected to be produced well. The farmers who are cultivated the Malta and orange are now more interest to cultivate these due to good yield.
Alongside the Malta and orange, the farmers are also cultivating grapefruit and lemon in Bijayanagar area under the ‘Citrus Village Project’ of the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).
According to the DAE office sources, these fruits are cultivated in about 30 hectares of land in this upazila since 2015. About 90 percent of the land is there. About 35,000 saplings are planted in the area of malta. Local government officially distributed these saplings to the farmers. The total gardens of this project are 120 to 150. Besides, saplings are also planted in different homes.
Often the garden has a good yield. Farmers are hoping to produce the next year in the rest. Farmers said that there are Bari-1 malta and orange, striped malta, nappuri orange, clay lemon, colombo lemon and zara lemon. The gardens of Singerbali, Bishnupur, Paharpur and Champaknagar union of the upazila are seen malta, kamalasaha and
some other fruits. Some two-three-year-old mulata tree has taken
over 180/200 garlands. Orange fruit is also good.
Farmers said that in the next two or three months, the production in the gardens would be useful to eat 100 percent. In order to purchase the goods, wholesale buyers from different parts of the country want to buy them with advance money and they want to buy it in the garden. But it will take some time to be suitable for eating orange.
Shibir Ahmed Sarkar of Bishnupur and Marasarin Sohag Bhuiyan said that 62% of the land is cultivated with Malta, Kamala, Gambuara and Leba. Earlier, they used to cultivate brinjal on the land. They are trying to cultivate these fruits in hopes of getting long-term yields and earning less labor.
They also said that the field level people of the upazila agricultural office encouraged them in these cultivation. They have taken training for the agricultural office. Now they are very optimistic about good yield.
An agro official said that the farmers were encouraged to cultivate malta and oranges. Now the farmers are happy. Many people are now interested in cultivating malta and oranges.
Upazila Agriculture Officer Maskar Ali said that Malta is produced twice a year. This is the result of profitable.