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In a bid to pay tribute to the eternal love of a couple, the country’s first ever park for the lovers, Paulwell Park or ‘Love Point’, has been inaugurated beside the eye-soothing Kaptai Lake in Rangamati.
Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Board (CHTDB) chairman Naba Bikram Kishore Tripura inaugurated the park Love-Point recently. Chattogram Development Board Authority vice chairman Tarun Kanti Ghos and Rangamati’s police super Alamgir Kabir, among others, were present during the inauguration.
Mentionable, on March 2014, American expatriate Alamuddin Patwari and his wife Irene Lima died drowning in Kaptai lake due to sudden storm. Three days after, their bodies, embracing each other, were recovered from the lake.
To honor their undying love, CHTDB initiated to establish a park in memory of the couple beside the lake, said sources.
Naba Bikram Kishore and his wife jointly inaugurated the ‘Love-Lock’ corner of the park, by throwing the key of a lock into the water.
He said, although many countries of world have separate parks for couples or lovers, in our country it is the first of such initiative.
“By establishing this park, we want to pay tribute to the love of the couple who died together drowning in the lake as well as to provide a beautiful natural park for the lovers,” he added.
About the love-lock corner, he said, “People who would visit the park can attach a lock to a public structure, and throw away the key to the lake water, as a symbol of wish so that their love lives long.” Some big structures are also under consideration to make place more familiar to home and abroad.