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The local multinational electronics brand Walton has focused on corporate sales to bring its electrical, electronics, industrial and construction solutions at the doorsteps of all classes of people.
This year, the company expanded its marketing channels to corporate houses from its outlets across the country.
With this, Walton included corporate sales in the marketing strategies to deliver its branded products to corporate houses at home and abroad, said a company statement.
Walton authorities informed that they are now providing customized services to its national and international corporate clients. They said, Walton is now manufacturing and supplying appliances for local and overseas companies under the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
Already, Walton corporate sales experienced a sound response from government, quasi-government, autonomous, private and other corporate institutions, Walton officials noted.
At its own factory in Chandra, Gazipur, Walton is manufacturing various sorts of electronics, electronics, industrial and construction solutions or products like fridges, televisions, air conditioners, laptops, mobile phones, acid led rechargeable batteries, LED lights, switch-sockets, electric fans, compressors, plastic and chemical components, light guide and diffuser plates, mechanical components, hot melt adhesive, hanger, master batches, mold and die etc.