After a hiatus of eight years, Corovi Mizan, a well-known anchor and actor, will appear on the big screen for Ananya Mamun-directed film ‘Abar Boshonto’.
The actor was last seen in her debut film ‘Gohine Shobdo’ under Khalid Mahmud Mithu’s direction. She received plaudits for her portrayal of the mother of the hero in the film.
Corovi Mizan will appear as the mother of the heroine in ‘Abar Boshonto’ with a twist. She has already participated in the shooting of the film.
“Ananya Mamun is a talented director. He has produced some good films. This is the first time I am working with him. Mamun always keeps his cool and has an organised unit,” said Corovi.
“I really liked working under Mamun. I am hopeful about ‘Abar Boshonto’,” she added.
Tariq Anam Khan and Sporshia, among other, will also appear in this film. Apart from this, Corovi Mizan is working in three Valentine’s Day special tele-dramas under the direction of BU Shubho.

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