The 48-hour transport strike which ended today created mass havoc around the capital and commuters had to bear the brunt. Office goers, students and patients had to suffer from lack of public transport and tried helplessly to reach their destinations. Without any consideration and in their quest to put pressure on the authority, transport workers put thousands of citizens in difficulty. Protests or strikes which create difficulty for others cannot be a solution to problems. If we want to achieve long-term development and really grow as a nation, it is high time to put an end to mass sufferings.
The end of the year is crucial for students as university admission tests are being held across the country. The transport strike made it difficult for students to reach their test venues. Not only for Dhaka dwellers, buses and such were also not available for inter district travelers. The strike also delayed port activities which usually causes huge revenue losses for business and trade owners. Our economic growth already has many challenges ahead and we cannot have more setbacks.
In this busy city, most of us have a hectic schedule to maintain from morning till night. It is often a race against time. Traffic congestion and insufficient mass transports are two issues that are not being focused enough and commuters are going through problems every day. The transport strike only made the commuting hassle worse for people. With election knocking at the door, the parliament will soon dissolve. Therefore, putting up demands and expecting them to be fulfilled at the eleventh hour may not be a logical move.
An exemplary notion was set in the country when general strikes or ‘hartals’ were completely banned. The losses occurring from strikes were in hundreds of crores of taka and so many more were unaccounted for. So the transport strikes should in no way become a reminder of those days.