Buyers look for winter clothes at a makeshift foot-path shop at Bondor Bazar area in Sylhet on Wednesday. Photo: BP

Sylhet Correspondent
A thriving cold wave for the last few days over the Sylhet city has resulted in large number of people buying warm winter clothes.
While visiting Bondor Bazar area in the city on Tuesday, this correspondent found shoppers selling secondhand winter clothes.
A large number of buyers from the middle and lower income people thronged the footpath shops.
The brisk business of warm clothes suddenly sprung into life after the cold wave began. People of all ages are thronging to the shops to buy coats, sweaters, headgear, mufflers, scarves and quilts.
Besides, many voluntary organizations have started distributing warm clothes to the needy.
“Taking advantage of the sudden rush of buyers, the sellers have hiked the prices of secondhand winter clothes eyeing windfall profit,” Korima Khatun, a buyer from Bondorbazar said.
Salimuddin, a warm clothes seller at Bondorbazar area said, “We were basically frustrated that we would not be able to make a good profit this season because of the late winter with no severity of cold.
But the sudden cold wave has successfully push up the sales ensuring a good profit.”