Private coaching centres have already done enough damage to weaken the backbone of the country. Instead of meritorious students they have produced some half literate robots who might have achieved GPA 5, but learned nothing. Parents have lost their valuable earnings to pay the coaching fees for 4 to 5 subjects as they knew their children would not get desired marks from the same teachers who run those coaching centres. In fact, parents are being held hostages by these teachers. Either send your children to our coaching centres or be ready to receive poor marks.
However, it is good news that the High Court on Thursday declared valid the guideline created by the government to bar teachers of both government and private educational institutions from getting involved in private coaching. The HC passed the verdict following separate writ petitions. The decision followed hearings on separate writ petitions filed against the guideline from 2012.
The writ petitions specify that teachers are barred from tutoring students of their own institution, as per the rules set by government. The head of an education institution can allow teachers to tutor maximum 10 students from other institutions. In such cases, the teachers will have to submit to their bosses the names, roll numbers and other information of the students they want to tutor.
Following the court order, no teacher can directly be involved with any coaching centre operating commercially. It further says that for doing so, the teacher will have to notify his/her school head of the students. The policy also prevents teachers from doing private tuition during school hours.
We believe it should be the turning point in our education system which will help bring back the good old days of our glorious past in the education sector. Our past generations of students could do much better in all subjects without having to go to a private tutor or a coaching centre. Their parents in the 50s or 60s up to the 70s could not afford the enormous sums demanded by the coaching cetres for each subject. But things started to change for the worse since the 80s with the sprouting of a number of private coaching centres. Teachers paid no attention in the class and instructed students to enroll in their centres.
We therefore, hail the HC decision and hope it will be sustained no matter what. This nation needs strong and straight backbones.